Tips to prepare English Comprehension as few days left for CMAT (First Test)

One of the most sought after management entrance exam for Acamedic session-2015-16 AICTE-CMAT (First Test) is coming in 38 days,Ths Test will be conducted in a five day test window from September 25 to 29. There are Various Faculties who shares there views on various aspects of CMAT exams and enlights on Various sections of CMAT like English Comprehension,General Awareness,Data Interpretation,etc.

CMAT aspirants should now be geared up and ready to give the exam, the aspirants must have gone through core topics with clear understanding of the concepts. Guys, this is high time now, be serious, just few days are left for Revision-practices.
Time-Management is an important factor. Proper preparation, time management, logical attitude, confidence only will bring the test takers to top list.A complete dedication,hard work and Planned study is the key to succeed in the examination.
Always refer previous years Question papers, some book materials using such things or such type of resources will definitely upgrade the performance of the Aspirants.
Clock- Management is an another essential factor to crack any level of exam.
Language Comprehension, this section was on comparatively has higher level of difficulty. This section is a combination of Reading Comprehension and English usage /verbal ability. There were 5 reading comprehension passages with 3 Questions from each passage. The verbal ability area had verbal reasoning Questions as well. In order to get a good score in the exam the candidate needed to have analytic and Vocabulary skills.
English comprehension in CMAT remain unpredictable and full of surprises. Its jumbled paragraph have small but different types of jumbled sentences and other questions based on Various topics like error spotting etc., practice that also.
Actually jumbled paragraphs is the test of students versatile reading,understanding of language, writing ability based on knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and correct use of tenses.
One should never go in learning or mugging the difficult words without knowing their actual meaning and correct usage. It is always advisable to learn a few words on regular basis get their usage at correct places. By writing letters/paragraphs/short stories/Essays.
Read more and more articles from magazines or newspapers. The aim should be the various application of the particular word. One should go for healthy discussions with family and friends for improvement of Vocabulary,with correct use of words your word power is boosted. So, work on your vocabulary on regular basis as the time is too short, get your concept cleared and then attempt any exercises on grammar, reading comprehension, etc.
One should take various on line mock test, Since mocks simulate original, a real time feel will be felt by the test takers.takers. Lastly believe in your self. Be confident to face any challenges.

As the Saying:

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal”.