Important Tips for JEE Main Exam

With just a few days left for the JEE Main 2014, let’s get some important tips for exam.

Important topics :

Complete syllabus is important, but there are a few topics which help to score well in exam.

Physics : Kinematics, Dynamics and the Theory of Fields (Electromagnetism).

Chemistry : Physical Chemistry helps to score well. Inorganic chemistry should be study two days before the exam as it required memorization.

Mathematics : Determinants, Sequences, Permutation and Combination are important topics & relate the complex numbers with Coordinate Geometry and Vectors. Three dimensional geometry should be practiced to get additional score.

Application based chapters are very important and should be studied thoroughly.

Last Minute Preparation Tips :

  • The students should not start a new topic. Instead they should concentrate on revising the topics they have already covered.
  • Revisit all important concepts and formulas.
  • See what kind of mistakes you are making most often while solving mock papers & try to reduce the repetition of mistakes.

Examination Hall Tips :

  • Stay Positive : Don’t panic, if can’t solve few questions.  Be calm and patient while solving the questions.
  • Avoid Guessing : Since there is negative marking scheme for incorrect attempts, be careful in making too many wild guesses.
  • Time Management : There are 90 questions in all which have to be completed in a duration of 3 hours. So, on an average the candidate has two minutes per question. However, there are questions which may consume more time than others so it is necessary that the candidate ensures efficient time management. Wishes You ALL THE BEST for Exam.