5 Useful Tips For Memorizing

TipsMany times we study a lot and think like we have learnt and memorized everything what we read. But even on the next day when we try to recall it, we realize that it was a total waste of time because we actually fail to remember it.

It happens with almost everybody. So, don’t worry! We have a bang on solution for this problem. Here are some tips for those who are facing problem of memorization while studying. Follow the tips and enjoy your studies!

Tip #1

Find The Best Time For Your Study

Avoid studying at any time, specially reading. Find the best time for your study and start with your favorite subject. Read those topics first which you feel are easy to understand and then gradually go for the hard topics. Starting with the favorite subject makes your mind fresh. Your brain understands favorite topic or subject more easily and prepares you for the tough one.

Tip #2

Use Your Audio-Visual Memory

Have you ever noticed that you learn songs and dialogues of movies very easily? Even though you never sit at a place to learn it and without putting any extra effort, how you manage to memorize it? No wonder! It is all the magic of your Audio-Visual Memory. We grasp quickly what we see and hear than reading or any other means. So, try to use your Audio-Visual Memory. We simply mean, try to have CD’s, DVD’s, Audio clips of your study material. This will really help you to memorize things easily and quickly.

Tip #3

Create Your Own Shortcuts

Reading and memorizing is an old technique or we can say it is difficult too. The reason behind it is, only reading the topic blindly and trying to memorize it, is just like blind-folding yourself and going through a dark way. This will make you lose at the exam time. Instead, read the topic carefully. Take time to understand it. Make clear & short points for the topic. And finally, if possible, make diagrams or charts describing and differentiating the points. Diagrams & charts are easier to understand than reading the whole paragraph. So, whenever possible try to make a pictorial presentation of the paragraph. This will also help you on the day of exam.

The most useful and convenient trick is to create acronyms using First Alphabet. For example, you must have used BODMAS rule while solving mathematical problems in your school days. ‘BODMAS’ is acronym for Bracket, Order, Division, Multiplication, Addition & Subtraction. The rule is actually tough to remember but the word or say acronym ‘BODMAS’ made it easy for us. Try to create such acronyms while remembering a series of things.

Tip #4

Take A Short Break Between Two Topics

Learning topics one after the other is not a good practice. Strictly avoid to study in this way. Try to have a short break in between the two topics. Even a short break of 15 minutes will make your brain to absorb all the information of your previous topic and it will get ready for the next one. If you will not give enough time to your brain, it will make you feel confused when you will start the next topic. And most probably it will mix the two topics.

Tip #5

Explain The Topic To Your Peers

Once you study the topic thoroughly, try to explain it to your friends. And if your friends want to explain any topic to you, allow them. This small session with your friends will make the topic more clear and will last for long in your mind. This technique really works and once you start explaining topics to your friends you will feel worth doing it.

These five tips really work and we hope will work for you too. Lastly…we would say, don’t just read but try to understand what you read and we are very much sure that you will start loving your studies. With this short note, it’s time to take your leave…Study Smarter!



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