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As you start preparing for medical PG entrance exams, often one question arises:  Where to start from? Now as the Exam is just 2-3 months away, this question is no longer valid. This is the time most of you would be planning to test your preparation level and improve the areas you are weak in.

This is a crucial stage of your preparation as the goal to achieve highest possible score is already set but the time is less. What you need now is focus, perseverance and a recipe to keep you stress free.

The following tips are definitely going to be useful for your final round of preparations:

Manage stress levels:

The stress most likely comes from the feeling that you are lagging behind. This persistent feeling tempts you to study harder and more than you can handle in order to catch up. The key is to shield yourself from this temptation. Remind yourself that you are giving your best and keep calm.

This preparation is like running a marathon and not a sprint, so avoid burnout. 8-10 hours of focussed study are more than enough in a day; spend some time in recharging and rejuvenating yourself. Every individual has a different way of relieving stress, stick to yours and don’t sacrifice it just to have an extra hour or two for your studies. Workout, meditate, watch movies, eat healthy, and spend time with friends and family.


Check your preparation level:

Preparation is never-ending; you have spent many hours revisiting the entire syllabus of your MBBS years and will keep on putting your efforts till the last moment, to score the best. In the process you need to test your preparation level from time to time. This can be done by joining one or multiple test series of national level. Try to take as many tests as you can, evaluate yourself, check your progress with time and also where you stand amongst other participants. Tests from multiple test series give you experience of different MCQs and access to a variety of content.


Revision is the key:

During your preparation, you need to give some time daily for revising the topics you have gone through recently. Frequent and timely revisions help to retain the knowledge you have gained by storing it in the long term memory.

Now, after completing your first round of studies, the schedule should be set for revising all that you have gathered. This is the time you should focus on revision and work on weaker areas. Your own notes serve as the best tool for revision. Discussing in your groups of study mates can be the other.

On the basis of your expertise and weightage given to various subjects, you can allocate time to each subject and set your own customized schedule. Generally, the vast subjects with higher weightage can be allotted 4-5 days each, whereas the small ones can take as less as one day.

The overall journey seems challenging, but keep your attitude positive and give your best to make this experience incredible and fulfilling. RankJunction is committed towards your goal and desires to be a part of your preparation until you get the seat of your choice. Wishing you the best for your SUCCESS.




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