‘Dream big in order to achieve big’ says Dr. Aakash Chandran (Rank-30 Jipmer Dec 2018 and Rank-229 NEET PG 2019)

Dr. Aakash Chandran from Chengalpattu Medical College and Hospital, Tamil Nadu secured rank 30 in Jipmer Dec 2018 and rank 229 in NEET-PG 2019. He was one of the Toppers of RankJunction Scholarship Test held in April 2018 and winner of RankJunction Subscription plan. He says, ‘Dream big in order to achieve big’. Read below an excerpt from his interview.


RankJunction: Tell us something about yourself?

Dr. Aakash: I am Dr. Aakash Chandran.C graduated from Chengalpattu Medical College and Hospital, Tamil Nadu Batch of 2012-18. I am currently doing MD PAEDIATRICS in JIPMER. I had got rank 30 in Jipmer and rank 229 in NEET 2019.

RankJunction: In which year did you pass your MBBS exam? What was your MBBS percentage marks (aggregate or final year)?

Dr. Aakash: I completed my internship in March 2018. Aggregate was around 72%

RankJunction: When did you seriously start preparing for the PG Entrance exam?

Dr. Aakash: I started seriously only after completion of my internship i.e april 2018

RankJunction: How many hours did you study each day? How was your typical schedule for the day?

Dr. Aakash: I am not a big fan of quantification of time of study. It is the quality that matters rather than the amount of time. I had made schedules for a particular day that involved completion of particular topics. Once i finished that topics, i would wind up. The schedule was made in such a way that there is not much time remaining unused.

RankJunction: Which books did you read for the theory part?

Dr. Aakash: I did not read standard textbooks for all subjects. But the concepts in each subject should be well understood- That is all that is needed.

RankJunction: Which books did you read for MCQs revision?

Dr. Aakash: I felt i did not need a separate MCQ book for all subjects. For basic sciences alone i had worked upon the recent years’ MCQs and from review books available in the market.

RankJunction: What were the subjects you focused upon?

Dr. Aakash: Initially when i started preparation, i felt i was weak in basic sciences- anatomy, pathology and biochemistry. So i had to do multiple revisions on those subjects.

RankJunction: What is your style of preparation and notes making?

Dr. Aakash: Reading too much is really not needed because one thing that we need to remember is- We are appearing for PGMEE and not PG exams. SO you dont need to be the king of one. You are allowed to be jack of all trades – Just the important topics should be picked from each subject. Notes should be hand written and should be concise because the more concise notes you have, easier it is to revise. Revision is an integral part of success and so i would recommend making concise notes and revise that multiple times.

RankJunction: Candidates are complaining that NEET PG 2019 was a tough exam. What are you views ?

Dr. Aakash: I felt it was slightly tougher than the previous year. But the questions were evenly distributed- had equal number of easier ones and fair bit of toughbees.

RankJunction: Was RankJunction helpful in your preparation? 

Dr. Aakash: Rankjunction played an important role in my success. I feel the important part of preparation for PGMEE is revision/ working out MCQs. In that way rankjunction offered a lot of practice for MCQs which were conceptual. The quality of questions were commendable and so one can judge himself in that particular topic with these MCQs. And the weekly live tests helped in assessing myself as to where I stand among fellow competitors. One possible suggestion i would like to place is to include more number of image based questions.

RankJunction: In which field do you want to specialize in? Why?

Dr. Aakash: I have taken MD Paediatrics in JIPMER.

RankJunction: What is your advice to future aspirants?

Dr. Aakash: BELIEVE. Thats the best thing you must do during your preparation. Just believe you can do it. Nothing is impossible. Only when you dare to dream, you start preparing towards it. And definitely anything is possible. Only thing is you must have the belief that you will do it and consistently work towards it. There will be a lot of phases of depressions, but ultimately you would cross the finish mark! So keep your goals sky high and dream big in order to achieve big.

Team RankJunction congratulates Dr. Aakash for his achievements and wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.



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