Interview of Dr. Nayani Balbir Singh Makkar (Rank-1 AIIMS PG Nov 2016)


Dr. Nayani Balbir Singh Makkar AIIMS PG Topper says, ‘Success cannot be achieved overnight’. She has shared her experiences with RankJunction which will be beneficial for the students who are preparing for various PG entrance exams.

Below is an excerpt from her interview

RankJunction: In which year did you pass your MBBS exam?
Dr.Nayani Makkar: I passed my final MBBS in Dec 2014, but this is my first attempt at the PG entrance exams.

RankJunction: What was your MBBS percentage marks (aggregate or final year)?
Dr.Nayani Makkar: My aggregate percentage is 72.24%.

RankJunction: When did you seriously start preparing for the PG Entrance exam?
Dr.Nayani Makkar: 3 months before the AIIMS exam.

RankJunction: How many hours did you study each day?
Dr.Nayani Makkar: 10-12 hours a day.

RankJunction: Which books did you read for the theory part?
Dr.Nayani Makkar: I primarily restricted myself to standard textbooks:
Anatomy – Gray’s & Snell
Physiology – Samson-Wright & Ganong
Biochemistry – Harper
Microbiology – Jawetz and some topics from Ananth Narayan
Pathology – Robbins
Pharmacology – Goodman & Gilman
Forensic – Reddy with Sumit Seth for revision
PSM – Parks’ and Vivek Jain
Ophthalmology – Parson’s
Medicine – Harrison’s
Surgery – Bailey & Love with some topics from Schwartz
Obstetrics – William’s for clinical obstetrics and Dutta for basics
Gynecology – Shaw’s
Paediatrics – Nelson’s
Radiology – Dr. Sumer Sethi’s book
Psychiatry – Niraj Ahuja and Kaplan USMLE notes (also Mental Illnesses chapter in Harrison)
Orthopedics – Apley’s
Anesthesia – Ajay Yadav + Across

RankJunction: Which books did you read for MCQs revision?
Dr.Nayani Makkar: Primarily previous years papers (Amit Ashish for AIIMS, Manoj Chaudhary for PGI and Arvind Arora for NEET type questions).
I also used Dr. Sumer Sethi’s book for Radiology, Dr. Devesh Mishra’s Pathology, Dr. Sumit Seth’s Forensic Medicine Review and Dr. Vivek Jain’s PSM.

RankJunction: What were the subjects you focused upon?
Dr.Nayani Makkar: An in depth knowledge of medicine, surgery and pathology is essential for any PG entrance. Additionally, for AIIMS I focussed upon ophthalmology and forensic medicine.

RankJunction: What was your strategy for the exam day? How many questions did you attempt?
Dr.Nayani Makkar: It is most important to stay calm throughout the examination and attempt each question afresh. Even if you feel that you do not know a few questions, do not get worked and try to complete the rest as level-headedly as possible.
I attempted 194 questions, and I think I have got 155-160 of those correct.

RankJunction: In which field do you want to specialize in? Why?
Dr.Nayani Makkar: I always have had a great passion for general medicine. It is mathematical, has great scope for research and enables one to comprehensively care for the patient.

RankJunction: Was RankJunction helpful in your preparation?
Dr.Nayani Makkar: I found tests from RankJunction to be extremely helpful. These are well designed, extremely concept based and extensive. The ranking system with a fairly large number of students is reasonably accurate. Your live mock tests, in particular, were indispensable.

RankJunction: What is your advice to future aspirants?
Dr.Nayani Makkar: Success in PG entrance examinations cannot be achieved by studying for a week, a month or even a year. It has to be the culmination of consistent effort throughout medical college, ideally driven by a desire to learn clinical medicine and not just by the desire to clear an exam.
Also, focus in clinics, clinical skill is essential for the new pattern of exams coming up.

Our Heartfelt Congratulations to Dr.Nayani Makkar on her achievement & huge success.




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