Interview of Dr.Soumya Inamadar (Rank-120 NEET-PG Dec 2016)

Dr.Soumya Inamadar

Dr.Soumya Inamadar from Bijapur, Karnataka says, ‘luck comes to those who work hard ‘. She is happy and feels lucky to be a part of RankJunction Online Test Series as it has helped a lot in her PG preparation.

Below is an excerpt from her interview

RankJunction: In which year did you pass your MBBS exam? Your Rank in NEETPG Exam?

Dr.Soumya Inamadar: I passed my MBBS in 2015 and completed my internship in 2016.
My NEET Rank during internship, i.e. in 2015 was 16000.
In May AIIMS I got 2765 rank
In May JIPMER I got 3659 rank 
and in June DNB I got 197 rank

I prepared thoroughly after internship and secured 
120th Rank in Dec 2016 NEET-PG exam.
108th Rank in AIIMS
74th Rank in PGI
183rd Rank in JIPMER

RankJunction: What was your MBBS percentage marks (aggregate or final year)?

Dr.Soumya Inamadar: My MBBS aggregate was 74.1%

RankJunction: When did you seriously start preparing for the PG Entrance exam?

Dr.Soumya Inamadar: I opted for Medical PG Combo Test Series of Rank Junction during my internship. Though I had no time then I just solved the online test series and few practice papers. I started a serious preparation only after internship in the month of April. From April 1st to Dec 11th I gave my heart n soul to PG preparation.

RankJunction: How many hours did you study each day?

Dr.Soumya Inamadar: My study hours varied from 10 hours to 14 hours per day.

RankJunction: Which books did you read for the theory part and MCQs revision?

Dr.Soumya Inamadar:  I referred subject wise guide books
For 1st year subjects and short subjects – Arvind Arora
PSM – Vivek Jain
Pharmacology – Gobind Sparsh
Pathology – Deevish Mishra
Microbiology – Apurva Shastri
FMT – Sumit Sethi
Ophthalmology – Ruchi Rai
ENT – Manisha Budhiraj
Surgery – Amit Ashish
Medicine- Mudit Khanna
OBG – Punith Bhojani
Pediatrics – Arvind Arora
Radiology – Sumer Sethi

And a little peeps here n there into our MBBS textbooks.

RankJunction: What were the subjects you focused upon?

Dr.Soumya Inamadar: I focused on all the subjects and gave equal importance to all. I made sure that I understand the concepts and be clear of it in any topic I read.

RankJunction: What was your strategy for the exam day? How many questions did you attempt?

Dr.Soumya Inamadar: I slept well the day before exam. I kept the volatile subjects like pharmacology and microbiology for last day revision and flipped through the same on the day of exam. 1 hour before exam I didn’t touch any book and relaxed listening to the songs of my choice.

RankJunction: In which field do you want to specialize in? Why?

Dr.Soumya Inamadar: I shall be taking General Medicine because I love medicine.

RankJunction: Was RankJunction helpful in your preparation?

Dr.Soumya Inamadar: Yes very much. Rank Junction helped me a lot to get myself used to the online exam pattern. By solving the online tests and knowing the rank I could analyse my preparation and make necessary changes. I solved the practice papers after each subject I covered which too was very helpful.

RankJunction: What is your advice to future aspirants?

Dr.Soumya Inamadar: To all the PG aspirants out there, believe in hard work and when you decide to prepare do it sincerely. Some say the lucky ones get good rank, it’s not the fact as luck comes to those who work hard. Write all the exams i.e. NEET, AIIMS, PGI and JIPMER because nobody knows where our destiny will take us.

All the best and Thank you very much team Rank Junction.

Hearty Congratulations to Dr.Soumya Inamadar on her achievement & huge success.



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