Overcoming online exam fear

Most of our young talents are still in a state of confusion for giving preference to online exams over offline exams. But challenging yourself to learn new skills can bring a noticeable change in you. Likewise, as you learn a new skill, the skill actually gets easier to do. We are living in the Digital Age where information is instantly and readily available to more people than ever before. CBSE has taken a huge plunge to adapt itself to the new technology. This is definitely felt like progressing towards a new era.

We are all aware of the conventional method of offline exams (Paper-pen mode). Offline mode of exam is a very long procedure to conduct an examination. Moreover it is very costly and extremely tedious & time consuming process. A lot of manpower is required to conduct this exam. The end result is not always 100% achieved. All these problems can be very well overcome in Computer based exams.

You yourself can compare between the online and offline mode of exams. Everyone must have taken the Paper-Pen mode of exam before, but if you have not given the online tests, here is a chance to know what exactly online test is. Just register with RankJunction.com and take down test on any of your favourite subject.

Following are some points for online exams over offline exams

1. Change the answer options anytime

If we feel that the attempted question is wrong, the option can be changed again in the online mode whereas, in the typical Paper-Pen exam, the answer once marked cannot be changed.

2. Saves time in searching a question

The attempted questions are shown with a different colour; you can directly jump to the unanswered questions which saves lot of time in searching the question. In offline mode it is a cumbersome process to check the unanswered question.

3. Questions can be marked for Review

The questions which need to be reviewed are highlighted in different colour which can be revised later.

4. Need few keyboards skills to manage the exam

You don’t have to be a Masters in Computer for attempting the online exams. Just few keyboard skills & Handling Mouse button operation. All you have to do in online exams is to click on the correct answer option. That’s all! If by chance any Computer glitch happens to meet, Technical assistance is always there.

5. Time Counter

The system clock is always ticking on the screen which helps you in solving the questions in time. No need to get panic at the end moment.

6. Error free results

The Final Results obtained is error free as it is all managed by system. The Software provided by the Online testing company is 100% tested for error free test. The human efforts are completely reduced in managing the tedious task of preparing the results.



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