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Talk to toppers of Medical PG entrance Exams and each one of them will suggest you to join one or multiple test series of national level. A test series enhances your knowledge, helps you in revision and boosts your confidence. Here are top 10 reasons for you to join the RankJunction’s prestigious test series:

  1. Excellent content

MCQs are prepared by experts in their respective fields. With contribution of more than 100+ authors, you get a variety of questions to solve. Answer to each question is supported by precise and relevant explanation…a right dose for your brain.

  1. Exhaustive repository

With 45,000+ questions in the repository, the tests on RankJunction prepare you for wide-ranging topics. From easy to difficult, from simple to complicated, from conceptual to application based, from previously asked questions to new ones, one liners, case studies, visual based…question of all types to gear you up for the grand finale.

  1. Step by step preparation

You can start preparing for Medical PG entrance exams as early as your first year of MBBS. RankJunction provides topic wise practice tests for each subject. You can target curriculum-specific subjects and check your level of preparation as soon as you conclude a topic or subject. Finally you can take the mock tests.

  1. Performance analysis

Each test is followed by Performance Analysis, where you get to know your score, number of questions attempted/correct answers and also correct answers along with explanations. You can also ‘review’ the test later, any time that suits your schedule.

  1. Progress monitoring

RankJunction provide two types of tests: ‘Practice’ and ‘Live’. As the name suggests, the practice tests helps you to practice and check your preparation level. RankJunction’s unique ‘retake’ option allows you to take the test 3 times and monitor your progress as you proceed with your preparation.

  1. Daily Revision

RankJunction runs various WhatsApp study groups, where you get daily doses of questions and answers to ponder upon. Along with these MCQs, the group members keep the groups active by posting discussions, mnemonics, important and high yield topics to keep you abreast.

  1. Fair ranking

The ‘live’ tests of RankJunction give a fair idea of your potential rank. In a ‘live’ test large number of students across India take the test in a given test window and get to know their Rank after the test window expires. The ‘Live’ test window is usually of 4-5 days, during which you can attempt the test as per your planned schedule.

  1. Simple and easy navigation

RankJunction’s simple user interface is easy to operate. The site is responsive and you can take the tests through any of the devices: PC, tablet or smart phone. The tests can be taken from anywhere, anytime as per your plan and convenience.

  1. Value subscriptions

The test subscriptions available on RankJunction are designed as per the needs of Medical PG aspirants. You can choose the subscription plan that suits your preparation and schedule. From small plans to the complete Combo Plan, each subscription is value for money. You can also customize your subscription plan by contacting our team.

  1. Companion throughout your preparation

RankJunction remains your companion throughout your journey of acquiring a PG seat. Fantastic support team keeps posting latest updates and notifications. From solving your queries to keeping you motivated, from absorbing your frustrations to sharing your delight, RankJunction is committed towards your success and desires to be a part of your preparation until you get the seat of your choice.



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