Q.1: Ebstein’s anomaly associated with:

A) Tricuspid atresia
B) Coarctation of aorta
C) Cardiomyopathy
D) Right ventricular hypertrophy
Q.2: Definitive operation of transposition of great vessels:

A) Rashikind operation
B) Mustard operation
C) Aortic – pulmonary window
D) Taussig-Blalock
Q.3: Coarctation of aorta in infants present with:

A) Rib notching
B) Normal heart size
C) E-Sign
D) All
Q.4: Drug of choice in hypertensive crisis of pheochromocytoma is:

A) Guanethidine
B) Methoxamine
C) Trimethaphan
D) Phentolamine
Q.5: A 4-yr-old boy is noted to have stereotypic body movements and poor verbal and nonverbal communication, with absence of empathy. At daycare, he has not made any friends. The most likely diagnosis is:

A) Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
B) Dysthymic syndrome
C) Deaf-mutism
D) Autism
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