Q.1: Urine appears 'Liquid Gold' in which poisoning:

A) Heavy metals
B) Barbiturates
C) Organophosphorus
D) Lead poisoning
Q.2: Smell of bitter almonds is seen in poisoning with:

A) Phosphorus
B) Hydrocyanic acid
C) Nitric acid
D) Oxalic acid
Q.3: Arsenic causes:

A) Basal cell carcinoma
B) Malignant melanoma
C) Mesothelioma
D) Sezeary Syndrome
Q.4: Cherry-red colour in post mortem staining is a feature of poisoning with:

A) Nitrites
B) Aniline
C) Phosphorus
D) Carbon Monoxide
Q.5: Which type of cattle poisoning occurs due to ingestion of LINSEED (Alsi) plant:

A) Aconite
B) Pilocarpine
C) Atropine
D) Hydrocyanic acid
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