Q.1: Best way to prevent hypotension during spinal anaesthesia: 
A) Preloading with crystalloids
B) Dopamine
C) Mephentermine
D) Trendelenburg position
Q.2: Post spinal headache can be prevented by: 
A) Use of thinner needle
C) Preanaesthetic medication
D) Plenty of oral fluids
Q.3: All are contraindications to spinal anaesthesia except: 
A) Patient on anticoagulant therapy/bleeding disorders
B) Hypovolemia
C) High ICP
D) Myasthenia gravis
Q.4: Most preferred anaesthesia technique for total hip replacement is: 
A) Spinal
B) Epidural
C)  Combined spinal epidural
D) General anaesthesia
Q.5: Blood gas partition coefficient of anaesthetic agent tells about:
A) Potency of agent
B)  Solubility of anaesthetic agent in blood
C) Time lag of induction of anaesthesia
D) All of the above
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