Q.1: In a 4-year-old child with ASOM, the infecting organism is likely to be:

A) Pneumococcus
B) H. influenza
C) Streptococcus
D) Staph.aureus
Q.2: Furuncles in ext. auditory canal are seen in:

A) In bony part only
B) In cartilaginous part only
C) In whole length
D) At junction of body and cartilaginous part
Q.3: Commonest sinus involved in infection in infants and children are:

A) Frontal
B) Maxillary
C) Ethmoid
D) Sphenoid
Q.4: Bilateral choanal atresia presents with:

A) Respiratory distress
B) Death
C) Dysphonia
D) Normal body
Q.5: Which of the following is not likely to cause inspiratory stridor:

A) Bronchiolitis
B) Diphtheria
C) Epiglottitis
D) Viral croup
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