Q.1: Cephalosporin with anti MRSA activity: (AIIMS Nov 2014)
A) Ceftriaxone
B) Aztreonam
C) Cefazolin
D) Ceftobiprole
Q.2: Group A hemolytic pharyngitis is due to: (DNB June 2010)
A) Local infection
B) Systemic toxicity
C) Attachment to mucosa
D) Local toxins
Q.3: ‘C’ in C reactive protein stands for: (AI 2011)
A) Capsular polysaccharide in Pneumococcus
B) Concanavalin-a
C) Calretinin
D) C- carbohydrate antigen
Q.4: A woman is having sore throat with high grade fever with headache, nausea and vomiting. On examination, she is having RR of 36/min, temperature of 39 degrees and BP of 80/50 mm Hg. On her arm some red spots are seen distal to BP cuff. The probable diagnosis is: (AIIMS May 2013)
A) N. meningitidis
B) Brucella suis
C) Brucella abortus
D) Staph. aureus
Q.5: Gonorrhea can be identified by? (DNB Dec 2011)
A) Growth on Macconkey medium
B) Growth at 22°C
C) By the fermentation of glucose
D) Growth in 45% 60% bile
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