Q.1: Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) expressed as mg/L for sewage depends upon

A) Time duration
B) Temperature
C) Organic contents
D) All the above
Q.2: Sling Psychrometer is used to obtain

A) Maximum and minimum temperature of a place in 24 hours
B) The percentage of humidity in the air
C) The atmospheric pressure at a given place with relation of sea level
D) All of the above
Q.3: For ensuring optimum and uniform day light illumination, buildings should be oriented

A) North or South
B) East or West
C) South or East
D) North or West
Q.4: The species of black flies (simulum) are responsible for spread of

A) River blindness
B) Sleeping sickness
C) Kala Azar
D) Oriental sores
Q.5: Chlorine demand estimated by:

A) Horrockā€™s apparatus
B) Berkefield filter
C) Chlorometer
D) Double pot method
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