Q.1: Which of the following Vitamins are water soluble

A) Vitamin A and B
B) Vitamin B and C
C) Vitamin C and D
D) Vitamin D and E
Q.2: Which of the following enzymes is acid labile (stable at acidic pH)-

A) Pepsin
B) Trypsin
C) Chymotrypsin
D) Carboxypeptidase
Q.3: Protein that precipitates on heating to 45°C and redissolves on boiling is

A) Bence jones protein
B) Gamma globulin
C) Albumin
D) Myosin
Q.4: Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids are present in all of the following except:

A) Mustard oil
B) Corn oil
C) Ground nut oil.
D) Fish oil.
Q.5: Enzyme that regulates the conversion of ethanol to acetaldehyde is:

A) Alcohol dehydrogenase.
B) Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase.
C) Catalase.
D) Xanthene oxidase.
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