Q.1: Ulcerative colitis starts in-

A) Caecum
B) Transverse colon
C) Rectum
D) Descending colon
Q.2: All of the following are known complications of Ulcerative colitis except-

A) Carcinoma
B) Toxic megacolon
C) Stricture
D) Perforation
Q.3: Most common cause of lower GI bleed in India is-

A) Benign tumour
B) Nonspecific ulcer
C) Carectosigmoid
D) Hemorrhoids
Q.4: Strong correlation with colorectal cancer is seen in-

A) Peutz-Jegher's polyp
B) Familial polyposis coli
C) Juvenile polyposis
D) Hyperplastic polyp
Q.5: Most common cause of acute mesenteric ischaemia is-

A) Embolism
B) Non occlusive disease
C) Arterial thrombosis
D) Venous thrombosis
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