Q.1: Commonest postoperative complication of tonsillectomy is:
A) Palatal palsy
B) Hemorrhage
C) Injury to uvula
D) Infection
Q.2: Absolute contraindication of tonsillectomy is:
A) Acute tonsillitis
B) Quinsy
C) Bleeding disorder
D) None of the above
Q.3: Commonest cause of ludwig’s angina is :
A) Chronic tonsillitis
B) Dental
C) Chronic maxillary sinusitis
D) Carcinoma oropharynx
Q.4: A 50 year old male presents with gradually progressive neck swelling for last 4 months. Panendoscopy is normal. Which is the most appropriate screening investigation :
B) X-ray soft tissue neck
C) LN biopsy
D) None
Q.5: Most common soft tissue malignancy of head and neck in children is :
A) Squamous cell carcinoma
B) Rhabdomyosarcoma
C) Adenocarcinoma
D) Basal cell carcinoma
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