Q.1: IPC Section for punishment of perjury is

A) 191
B) 193
C) 197
D) 190
Q.2: Snake bite of viperine variety is

A) Musclulo-toxic
B) Neuro-toxic
C) Histotoxic
D) Vasculotoxic
Q.3: The most reliable criteria in Gustafson's method of age estimation is:

A) Attrition
B) Secondary dentin deposition
C) Transparency of root
D) Cementum apposition
Q.4: Embalming without death certificate is punishable under IPC:

A) Sec 201
B) Sec 498
C) Sec 297
D) Sec 298
Q.5: Rigor mortis is not seen in

A) Female with strong built
B) Male with strong built
C) Old person more than 80yrs old
D) Fetus less than 20 wks gestation age
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