Q.1: Which of the following is the best description of the histology of the sclera
A) It is more vascular than the choroid
B) It is richly pigmented 
C) It is covered by epithelium
D) Its anterior portion is modified to form the cornea
Q.2: All of the following are derived from primordial germ cells except
A) Spermatogonia
B) Spermatozoa
C) Epoophoron
D) Oogonia


Q.3: A patient with klinefelter syndrome would show which of the following characteristics
A) Female body habitus
B) 47, XXY karyotype
C) Normal fertility
D) Female external genitalia
Q.4: True statements about cri-duchat syndrome include which of the following
A) It is an example of aneuploidy 
B) Cardiovascular anomalies are common
C) Mental retardation is rare
D) It involves a deletion of part of chromosome 5
Q.5: All of the following are safe techniques that can be used in prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders except
A) Amniocentesis
B) Ultrasound
C) Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)
D) Radiography
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