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Q.1: Accurate preoperative staging of renal cell carcinoma can be done by which of the following?
D) All of the above
Q.2: Pseudotumour of kidney is?
A) Dromedary hump
B) Hypertrophy of unscarred renal parenchyma in reflux
C) Prominent septum
D) Hilar hump
Q.3: Which of the following is not true about transitional cell carcinoma?
A) Usually papilliferus
B) May obstruct whole kidney
C) Calcification seen in only 25 of cases
D) Bilaterality is common
Q.4: A 48-year-old man presents with a painless swelling in the right scrotum. He has a past medical history of bilateral undescended testes and subsequent orchidopexy. On examination, there is a firm right testicular lump but no inguinal lymphadenopathy. On ultrasound, a well-defined, homogeneous hyporeflective mass was found within the right testicle. The right epididymis and contralateral testicle appeared normal. What is the most likely diagnosis?
A) Leukaemic testicular infiltrate
B) Testicular epidermoid cyst
C) Testicular seminoma
D) Testicular teratoma
Q.5: A 55-year-old HIV-positive man presents with macroscopic haematuria and right-sided renal colic. An IVU does not demonstrate any renal tract calcification, but there is a dense right nephrogram with no excretion of contrast on a delayed film. The urologist performs a retrograde ureteroscopy and retrieves a 9-mm right ureteric calculus, what is the likely composition of the calculus?
A) Calcium oxalate
B) Cysteine
C) Indinavir phosphate
D) Struvite
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