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Q.1: Which one is the least common complications of measles
A) Bronchiolitis
B) Otitis media
C) Corneal blindness
D) Panencephalitis
Q.2: Formation of grayish or yellow membrane (false membrane) covering tonsils, pharynx or larynx is characteristic of
A) Diphtheria
B) Pertussis
C) Mumps
D) Measles
Q.3: The causative organism of smallpox was a virus called
A) Varicella
B) Variola
C) Vaccinia
D) Paramyxovirus
Q.4: “Hundred days cough” term is used for
A) Chronic bronchitis
B) Measles
C) Pertussis
D) Chronic allergic alveolitis
Q.5: True about incubation period of yellow fever virus is
A) Few hours to 48 hours
B) 1-3 days
C) 3-6 days
D) 10 days
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