Q.1: All of the following drugs are effective in the treatment of pityriasis versicolor, except
A) Selenium disulphide
B) Ketoconazole
C) Griseofulvin
D) Clotrimazole
Q.2: A 6 year girl has scattered, 1-mm to 3-mm, light, brown macules on her face, trunk, and extremities. These macules become more numerous in the summer months but fade over the winter. Each of these macules is best described as?
A) Vitiligo
B) Lentigo
C) Freckle
D) Melasma
Q.3: The best treatment for Mycosis fungoides is :
A) Electron beam therapy
B) 5- FU
C) Surgical excision followed by Radiotherapy
D) Chemoradiation
Q.4: All are causes of acneiform eruption except:
A) Cryptococcosis
B) Sarcoidosis
C) Acne rosacea
D) Behet’s disease
Q.5: A one year old boy had rash & fever. O/E the rash is typical like "dew drops on rose petals". The causative organism causing this rash is:

B) Varicella
C) Cocksackie virus
D) Vaccinia virus
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