Q.1: The thyroiditis also known as painless thyroiditis-
A) Subacute lymphocytic
B) Dequervains
C) Hashimotos
D) Riedel
Q.2: The following statements about thyroglossal cyst are true except-
A) Frequent cause of anterior midline neck masses in first decade of life
B) On protrusion of tongue,swelling moves upward
C) The cyst is located within 2cm of midline
D) Incision & drainage is treatment of choice
Q.3: Close relation of recurrent laryngeal nerve is with-
A) Middle thyroid vein 
B) Superior thyroid vein
C) Inferior thyroid artery 
D) Superior thyroid artery
Q.4: What is the most appropriate operation for a solitary nodule in one lobe of thyroid-
A) Nodule Removal
B) Lobectomy
C) Hemithyroidectomy
D) Partial Lobectomy
Q.5: Which is not associated with peptic ulcer?
A) Cigarrete smoking
B) Zollinger Ellison's Syndrome
C) Plummer Vinson's Syndrome
D) Cirrhosis
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MEDICAL PG FAQ Challenge 2018
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