Q.1: Vasopressin level is increased by all these drugs, except :
A) Nicotine, morphine
B) Vincristine, cyclophosphamide
C) Clofibrate
D) Chlorpromazine
Q.2: Most common malignancy developing after head and neck radiation in childhood :
A) Papillary carcinoma
B) Follicular carcinoma
C) Medullary carcinoma
D) Thyroid lymphoma
Q.3: In children, commonest cause of death in diabetic ketoacidosis is :
A) Hypoglycemia
B) Cerebral edema
C) Adult respiratory distress syndrome
D) Vascular thrombosis
Q.4: Drugs interfering with testicular function are all, except :
A) Spironolactone
B) Ketoconazole
C) Alcohol
D) Digitalis
Q.5: Neurological disorders associated with impaired testicular function are all, except:
A) Spinobulbar muscular atrophy
B) Myotonic dystrophy
C) Paraplegia
D) Myopathy
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