Q.1: Symptoms of late dumping syndrome occur 3 hours after eating, and is due to:
A) Hypoglycemia
B) Hyperosmolar gastric content when emptying into small bowel 
C) Due to post vagotomy
D) All of the above
Q.2: All of the amino acids entering liver via portal vein are catabolized to urea, except :
A) Leucine
B) Isoleucine
C) Valine
D) Tryptophan
Q.3: Budd-Chiari syndrome resulting in occlusion of hepatic vein or IVC can occur in all, except :
A) Polycythemia rubra vera
B) Myeloproliferative syndrome
C) Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
D) Arsenical toxicity
Q.4: Macrovesicular hepatic steatosis is seen in all, except:
A) Alcoholic liver disease
B) Diabetes mellitus
C) Obesity
D) Rey’s syndrome
Q.5: Ranson/imrie prognostic criterion is used in:
A) Acute pancreatitis
B) Acute fulminant ulcerative colitis
C) Hepatic encephalopathy
D) Acute renal failure
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