Q.1: Multiple cranial nerve palsy can be caused by all, except :
A) Malignant granulomas of nasopharynx
B) Platybasia
C) Basilar invagination
D) Ramsay Hunt syndrome
Q.2: Which endocarditis vegetations are seen on upper surface of valve:
A) Rheumatic
B) Non-bacterial thrombotic
C) Libman Sack’s endocarditis (SLE)
D) Infective endocarditis (Marantic)
Q.3: Thunderclap headache is a feature of :
A) Migraine
B) Tension headache
C) Intracranial tumor
D) Subarachnoid haemorrhage
Q.4: Drug of choice for myoclonic jerks is:
A) Phenytoin sodium 
B) Sodium valproate
C) Phenobarbitone
D) Clonazepam
Q.5: Progressive supra nuclear palsy is associated with :
A) Subcortical dementia
B) Cortical dementia
C) Both
D) None of the above
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