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Q.1: A 60-year-old diabetic came with painless, swollen right ankle joint. X-ray showed destroyed joint with large number of loose bodies. Most probable diagnosis is:
A) Charcot’s joint
B) Clutton joint
C) Osteoarthritis
D) Rheumatoid arthritis
Q.2: Features of acute adrenal crisis include all, except :
A) Hypoglycemia
B) Severe hypertension
C) Hyponatremia
D) Hyperkalemia
Q.3: Which one of the following drug is beta-cell cytoprotective :
A) Glimepiride
B) Rosiglitazone
C) Glipizide
D) All of the above
Q.4: Which of the antidiabetic drug when given can cause weight loss :
A) Metformin
B) Acarbose
C) Amylin analogue and GLP-1 analogue
D) Sulphonylurea and thiazolidinediones 
Q.5: Which of the following does not cause metabolic acidosis :
A) Renal failure
B) Ureterosigmoidostomy
C) Pancreatic or biliary fistula
D) Pyloric stenosis
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