Q.1: Commonest cause of portal hypertension in adults in our country is :
A) Cirrhosis of liver
B) Portal vein thrombosis
C) Schistosomiasis
D) Budd-Chiari syndrome
Q.2: Extrahepatic prodromal features of hepatitis B include :
A) Arthralgia
B) Skin rash
C) Polyarteritisnodosa
D) Bleeding per rectum
Q.3: Mallory’s hyaline is seen in :

A) Alcoholic hepatitis
B) Primary biliary cirrhosis
C) Viral hepatitis B
D) None of the above
Q.4: Hypergastrinemia with hypochlorhydria is seen in :
A) Zollinger Ellison’s syndrome
B) Vipoma
C) Pernicious anemia
D) Glucagonoma
Q.5: Hepatic manifestations of ulcerative colitis include all, except;
A) Cholangiocarcinoma
B) Autoimmune chronic active hepatitis
C) Pericholangitis
D) Hepatoma
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