Q.1: Choice of therapy for hairy cell leukemia is :
A) Splenectomy
B) Cladribine
C) Interferon α
D) Myleran
Q.2: Complications of allogenic bone marrow transplantation include all, except:
A) Acute and chronic graft versus host disease 
B) Pneumonia
C) Cataract
D) Impotence
Q.3: Massive splenomegaly without lymphadenopathy is seen in all, except :
A) Prolymphocyticleukemia
B) Hairy cell leukemia
C) Chronic myeloid leukemia
D) Acute lymphatic leukemia
Q.4: Chronic neutropenic patients and autoimmune neutropenic patients are susceptible to all these infections, except :
A) Meningitis
B) Recurrent sinusitis
C) Gingivitis 
D) Perirectal infections
Q.5: Hypercoagulable risk factors include all, except:
A) Malignancy
B) Present lupus anticoagulant
C) Postpartum state
D) Vitamin C deficiency 
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