Q.1: Blood transfusion in iron deficiency is indicated in all, except :
A) Angina
C) Evidence of cerebral hypoxia
D) Intolerance to oral iron therapy
Q.2: In hemolysis due to G6PD deficiency, peripheral blood films show all, except :
A) Bite cells
B) Blister cells
C) Heinz bodies
D) Polymorphs containing hypersegmented nuclei
Q.3: Sickling in sickle cell disease is precipitated by all of them, except:
A) Hypoxia
B) Acidosis
C) Rehydration
D) Infection
Q.4: A patient with Hb 6, WBC count of 2100 has 10% blast, platelets 80,000, moderate splenomegaly and differential count of WBC normal, your diagnosis will be:
A) Leukemia
B) Aplastic anemia
C) Hemolysis
Q.5: NARP syndrome is seen in?
A) Mitochondrial function disorder  
B) Glycogen storage disorder
C) Lysosomal storage disorder 
D) Lipid storage disorder
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