Q.1: Which one of these drugs produces retroperitoneal fibrosis :
A) Methysergide
B) Lithium
C) Penicillamine
D) Amphotericin
Q.2: Which one of the following drugs can be given in renal insufficiency:
A) Aminoglycosides
B) Fibrates and metformin
D) Doxycycline
Q.3: In renal tuberculosis, initial lesion is in:
A) Renal cortex
B) Pelvis
C) Bladder
D) Epididymis
Q.4: Which is not a predisposing cause of kidney stone:
A) Hypercalcemia
B) Ileal disease
C) Renal tubular acidosis type I
D) Glomerulonephritis
Q.5: A boy suffering from acute pyelonephritis urinary finding specifically will show:
A) WBC cast
B) RBC cast
C) Massive proteinuria
D) All of the above
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