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Q.1: Risk factors for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis are all, except:
A) Smoking
B) Environmental exposure to metal dust, wood dust and solvents
C) Chronic aspiration secondary to gastro-esophageal reflux
D) Heavy alcohol intake and obesity
Q.2: Low glucose in pleural effusion is not seen in:
A) Rheumatoid arthritis
B) Empyema
C) Malignant pleural effusion
D) Dressler’s syndrome
Q.3: Which anti-TB drug is not used in pregnancy with tuberculosis:
A) Isonex
B) Themibutol
C) Rifampicin
D) Injection streptomycin
Q.4: Cross-resistance to anti-TB drugs are well known in all of these drugs, except:
A) Kanamycin
B) Ethionamide
C) Ofloxacin
D) Cycloserine
Q.5: Causes of halitosis (bad breath) is due to all, except:
A) Lung abscess
B) Esophageal stasis due to achalasia
C) Acute forms of gingivitis
D) Gastresophageal reflux
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