Q.1: Which organ is intraperitoneal but NOT covered with peritoneum ?
A) Uterus
B) Ovary
C) Tube
D) Cervix
Q.2: Line of separation of placenta is through :
A) Decidua compact layer 
B) Decidua parietalis
C) Decidua spongy layer
D) Decidua vera
Q.3: Which cardiovascular change is physiological in last trimester of pregnancy ?
A) Middiastolic murmur
B) Occasional Atrial fibrillation
C) Shift of apical impulse laterally and upwards in left 4th intercostal space
D) Cardiomegaly
Q.4: Supine hypotension is characteristic of :
A) 1st trimester
B) 2nd trimester
C) 3rd trimester
D) All of the above
Q.5: Usually in which position pelvic assessment of patient is done ?
A) Lithotomy
B) Dorsal 
C) Supine
D) Left lateral
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