Q.1: Most common cause of postpartum haemorrhage is :
A) Uterine atony
B) Retained products
C) Trauma
D) Bleeding disorder
Q.2: The most common site of puerperal infection is :
A) Episiotomy wound
B) Placental site
C) Vaginal laceration
D) Cervical laceration
Q.3: In a case of recurrent spontaneous abortion, following investigation is unwanted :
A) Hysteroscopy
B) Testing Antiphospholipid antibodies
C) Testing for TORCH infection
D) Thyroid function test
Q.4: Which is the most likely complication of missed abortion :
A) Hypofibrinogenemia
B) Sterility
C) Cervical tear
D) None of the above
Q.5: Which of the following drug is NOT used for medical management of Ectopic pregnancy :
A) Potassium chloride
B) Methotrexate
C) Actinomycin – D
D) Misoprostol
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