Q.1: Monochorionic monoamniotic twin occurs if division occurs :
A) Before 24 hours
B) Between 1-4 days
C) Between 4-8 days
D) After > 8 days
Q.2: Which of the following test is most sensitive for the detection of iron depletion in pregnancy :
A) Serum iron
B) Serum ferritin
C) Serum transferrin
D) Serum iron binding capacity
Q.3: The most common cardiac anomaly found at birth is :
A) Atrial septal defect
B) Ventricular septal defect
C) Persistent ductus arteriosus
D) Fallots tetralogy
Q.4: In which of the following heart diseases maternal mortality is found to be highest :
A) Eisenmenger’s complex
B) Coarctation of aorta
C) Mitral stenosis
D) Aortic stenosis
Q.5: Insulin therapy is required in pregnancy if fasting blood sugar is :
A) > 70 mg/dl
B) > 90 mg/dl
C) > 105 mg/dl
D) > 180 mg/dl
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