Q.1: Drug given to decrease uterine contractions during preterm labour with least side effects :
A) Ritodrine
B) Nifedipine
C) Magnesium sulphate
D) Progesterone
Q.2: Primi with 32 weeks pregnancy, k/c of asthma presents with intrauterine death. Management will be :
A) Induction with Prostaglandins
B) Early ARM
C) Induction with Oxytocin
D) Cesarean section
Q.3: A Rh Negative G2 with H/o stillbirth at 38 weeks in previous pregnancy comes to you at 28 weeks. Amniocentesis is done :
A) Immediately
B) At 32 weeks
C) At 38 weeks 
D) Not necessary
Q.4: In borderline contracted pelvis, prognosis for vaginal delivery is favourable if presenting part is :
A) Vertex
B) Face
C) Brow
D) Shoulder
Q.5: Patient aged 25 years comes at 32 weeks of gestation with anencephaly. Induction of labour should be done by :
A) Oxytocin
B) Prostaglandin gel
C) Prostaglandin tablet
D) Emcredyl instillation
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