Q.1: Which drug can cause antidiuretic effect in high doses ?
A) Mifepristone
B) PG F2 a
C) PG E2
D) Oxytocin
Q.2: For outlet forceps, type of forceps applied is :

A) Wrigley
B) Simpson
C) Kielland
D) Piper
Q.3: Following is always an indication of cesarean section, EXCEPT :
A) Abruptio Placentae
B) Untreated stage of lb Ca cervix
C) Active primary genital herpes
D) Type IV Placenta previa [Major previa]
Q.4: What is the ideal time for genetic counselling ?
A) 1st trimester
B) 2nd trimester
C) Before pregnancy
D) After delivery of affected baby
Q.5: Nuchal translucency at 14 weeks is suggestive of :
A) Down’s syndrome
B) Esophageal atresia
C) Trisomy 18
D) Foregut duplication cyst
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