Q.1: Androgen insensitivity syndrome true is :
A) Phenotype may be completely female
B) Predominantly ovarian component is gonads 
C) Always in female
D) Testes formed abnormally and receptors are normal
Q.2: Pure gonadal dysgenesis will be diagnosed in the presence of :
A) Bilateral streak gonads
B) Bilateral dysgenetic gonads
C) One side steak and other dysgenetic gonads
D) One side streak and other normal looking gonad
Q.3: In which of the following conditions do the ovaries functions normally ?
A) Turner’s syndrome
B) Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome
C) Androgen insensitivity syndrome
D) Swyer’s syndrome
Q.4: Barr body is seen in :
A) Turners syndrome
B) Klinefelters syndrome
C) Testicular feminisation syndrome
D) 46 XY
Q.5: Asymptomatic gonorrhoea in females is due to infections of :
A) Vagina
B) Urethra
C) Endocervix
D) Fundus
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