Q.1: The risk of Asherman syndrome is the highest if Dilation and Curettage (D & C) is done for the following condition :
A) Medical termination of pregnancy
B) Missed abortion
C) Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
D) Post partum haemorrhage
Q.2: Kavita is a case of infertility. What is the right time in her menstrual cycle to do endometrial biopsy.
A) 12 - 14 days
B) 17 - 19 days
C) 20 - 22 days
D) 3 - 5 days
Q.3: Sonosalpingography is done for :
A) Measuring basal body temperature
B) To detect pregnancy
C) Testing tubal patency
D) Determining anovulatory cycle
Q.4: Calcareous degeneration occurs most commonly in which type of fibroids :
A) Submucous
B) Subserous
C) Interstitial
D) Cervical
Q.5: Commonest type of uterine polyp is :
A) Mucous polyp
B) Fibroid
C) Placental polyp
D) None
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