Q.1: Non hormonal drug to prevent post-menopausal osteoporosis is :
A) Alendronate
B) Estrogen
C) Raloxifene
D) Parathyroid
Q.2: Progestogens are used for all of the following except :
A) Anovulatory cycles
B) Puberty menorrhagia
C) Endometrial carcinoma
D) Inhibition of lactation
Q.3: The most serious complication of clomiphene therapy for induction of ovulation is :
A) Bone marrow depression
B) Hyperstimulation syndrome
C) Secondary amenorrhoea
D) Multiple pregnancy
Q.4: All of the following are features of post tubal ligation syndrome except :
A) Abnormal menstrual bleeding
B) Dysmenorrhea
C) Pelvic pain
D) Dysperunia
Q.5: IUCD with highest incidence of ectopic pregnancy is :
A) Lippe`s loop
B) Copper T
C) Progestasert
D) All have equal incidence
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