Q.1: In which part of fallopian tube ectopic pregnancy has longest survival :
A) Isthumus
B) Ampulla
C) Cornual
D) Interstitial
Q.2: A 25 year old female was diagnosed to have choriocarcinoma, management is :
A) Chemotherapy
B) Radiotherapy
C) Hysterectomy
D) Hysterectomy and then radiotherapy
Q.3: Most frequent site of metastasis in a case of choriocarcinoma is :
A) Vagina 
B) Liver 
C) Lungs
D) Brain
Q.4: A lady with placenta previa delivered a baby. She has excessive bleeding and shock. After resuscitation, most likely complication is :
A) Galactorrhoea
B) Diabetes insipidus
C) Loss of menstruation
D) Cushing’s syndrome
Q.5: A case of 35 week pregnancy with hydramnios and marked respiratory distress is best treated by :
A) Intravenous frusemide
B) Saline infusion
C) Amniocentesis
D) Artificial rupture of membranes
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