Q.1: Most common cause of rupture of uterus is :
A) Brow presentation
B) Shoulder Dystocia
C) Breech presentation
D) Overdistention
Q.2: Vaginal delivery is preferred if type of breech is :
A) Complete
B) Footling
C) Knee
D) Frank
Q.3: Complication that can occur with internal podalic version for transverse lie is :
A) Uterine rupture
B) Uterine atony
C) Cervical laceration
D) Vaginal laceration
Q.4: The most simple and widely used index for Doppler study is :
A) S : D ratio
B) Resistance index
C) Pulsatality index
D) Pourcelet index
Q.5: The sphingomyelin-lecithin ratio is measured for assessing maturity of :
A) Lung
B) Brain
C) Heart
D) Spleen
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