Q.1: Hydrocephalus is best detected antenatally by :
A) X-ray abdomen
B) Amniocentesis
C) Clinical examination
D) Ultrasonography
Q.2: The most widely used antihypertensive drug during pregnancy is :
A) Hydralazine
B) Methyldopa 
C) Nifedipine
D) Verapamil
Q.3: With heparin given in pregnancy, which one of the following is added ?
A) Iron, Folic acid
B) Calcium
C) Copper
D) Zinc
Q.4: Which of the following is the best drug of choice for treatment of bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy :
A) Clindamycin
B) Metronidazole
C) Erythromycin
D) Rivamycin
Q.5: Zavanelli’s maneuver is done in :

A) Shoulder dystocia
B) Deep transverse arrest 
C) Retained placenta
D) Face presentation
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