Q.1: All the following structures develop from the mesoderm except :
A) Corneal stroma
B) Sclera
C) Iris stroma
D) Accessory lacrimal gland
Q.2: Lamina fusca is a part of :
A) Cornea
B) Iris
C) Sclera
D) Retina
Q.3: The most metabolically active layer of the Cornea is :
A) Epithelium
B) Stroma
C) Descemet`s membrane
D) Endothelium
Q.4: Minor arterial circle is present on the :
A) Pupillary border
B) Collarette
C) Within the Iris stroma
D) At the root of the Iris
Q.5: Lacrimal fossa is made by the lacrimal bone and the :
A) Ethmoid bone
B) Maxillary process of the frontal bone
C) Frontal process of the maxillary bone
D) Nasal bone
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