Q.1: All of the following signs are not seen in acute appendicitis except-

A) Rovsing's
B) Murphy's
C) Boa's
D) Mackwen's
Q.2: For a rectal carcinoma at 5cm from the anal verge, the best acceptable operation is-

A) Local resection
B) Anterior resection
C) Posterior resection
D) Abdominal perineal resection
Q.3: Distal clearance in surgery for Ca rectum is-

A) 2cm
B) 5cm
C) 8cm
D) 10cm
Q.4: Most common content in Hernia en Glissade is-

A) Caecum
B) Omentum
C) Sigmoid colon
D) Urinary bladder
Q.5: Sliding constituent of a large direct hernia is-

A) Bladder
B) Sigmoid colon
C) Caecum
D) Appendix
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