Q.1: The blood supply of the scaphoid is through the

A) Proximal pole
B) Tubercle
C) Waist
D) Distal pole
Q.2: Side swipe injury is usual at the

A) Knee
B) Elbow
C) Wrist
D) Spine
Q.3: Partial avulsion of medial epicondyle in children is called

A) Little leaguer's elbow
B) Golfer's elbow
C) Opener's elbow
D) Tennis elbow
Q.4: What is the commonest cause of in-toeing gait in children above 3 years of age

A) Forefoot adduction
B) Congenital talipesequinovarus (CTEV)
C) Excessive anteversion of the hip
D) Internal tibial torsion.
Q.5: Best method of treatment of fracture of both bones of the forearm in a 5 year old child is

A) Open reduction and fixation with rush nails
B) External fixation
C) Manipulation and POP cast application
D) Massages
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