Q.1: Which techniques (invasive) can be used for accurate measurement of new bone formation

A) DEXA scanning
B) Tetracycline deposition technique
C) Bone biopsy
D) SPECT scan
Q.2: All are causes of joint deformity except

A) Skin contracture
B) Muscle imbalance
C) Fascial contracture
D) Diaphyseal malunion.
Q.3: Nursemaid's elbow is:

A) Elbow dislocation
B) Radial head subluxation (Pulled elbow)
C) Radial head fracture
D) Lateral epicondylitis
Q.4: Traction epiphysitis of base of fifth metatarsal bone is called

A) Iselin's disease
B) Freiberg's disease
C) Kohler's disease
D) Johann's disease.
Q.5: Cozen's test is a clinical test for diagnosis of

A) DE Quervain's tenosynovitis
B) Lateral epicondylitis
C) Carpal tunnel syndrome
D) Myasthenia gravis
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