Q.1: Trimalleolar fracture of the ankle is also known as

A) Lauge Hansen's fracture
B) Cotton's fracture
C) Maisonneuve's fracture
D) Silver's fracture
Q.2: In which of the following fractures of the humerus is the radial nerve at maximal risk for injury

A) Surgical neck of humerus
B) Mid shaft of humerus
C) Distal humerus
D) Anatomical neck of humerus
Q.3: Dislocation of the inferior radioulnar joint and fracture head of radius is known as

A) Monteggia fracture dislocation
B) Galeazzi fracture dislocation
C) Essex Lopresti dislocation
D) Soprano's dislocation
Q.4: All the following are complications of associated with a Radial Head Fracture except

A) compartment syndrome
B) abnormal deformity of the elbow
C) Stiffness of the elbow
D) Myositis ossificans.
Q.5: The Cobb method is used for

A) Measurement of anteversion of femur
B) Patellar tilt
C) Placement of cup in THR
D) Measurement of curves in scoliosis of spine
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