Q.1: Broden's view is a specialized view of the diagnosis of

A) Scaphoid fractures
B) Vertebral fractures
C) Calcaneal fractures
D) Osteomalacia
Q.2: Which of the following vertebral fractures involves disruption of ligaments of anterior, middle and posterior columns

A) Clayshoveller's fracture
B) Wedge compression fracture
C) Chance fracture
D) Jefferson's fracture
Q.3: Tear drop fracture of the cervical spine commonly follows which of the following mechanisms of injury

A) Extension
B) Axial compression and flexion
C) Lateral rotation
D) Medial rotation
Q.4: Which of the following classification refers to fractures of proximal humerus.

A) Salter and Harris
B) Garden
C) Neer
D) Russell
Q.5: The position of lower limb in anterior dislocation of hip would be

A) Flexion abduction and internal rotation
B) Only abduction
C) Slight flexion, external rotation and abduction
D) Hyperextension.
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