Q.1: Game Keeper's thumb is

A) Tear in the ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb
B) Malunited Bennett's fracture
C) Ruptured flexor pollicislongus tendon
D) Ankylosed first metacarpophalangeal joint.
Q.2: Dunlop's traction is a type of traction used for correcting

A) Supracondylar fracture elbow
B) Cervical spinal injuries
C) Femoral shaft fractures
D) Calcaneal fracture
Q.3: Agnes hunt traction is used for correction of

A) Torticollis
B) Gunstock deformity
C) Mild flexion deformity at the hip
D) Atlanto axial dislocation
Q.4: Fractures involving the dorsal articular margin of the distal radius and associated with subluxation or dislocation of the carpus dorsally are referred to as

A) Smith's fracture
B) Dorsal Barton's fracture
C) Chauffeur's fracture
D) Colles fracture.
Q.5: Which of the following tendons is ruptured frequently after fracture of the lower end of radius.

A) Extensor pollicislongus
B) Abductor pollicisbrevis
C) Anconeus
D) Palmaris longus
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