Q.1: In Schwann cells, mycobacterium leprae divide in how many days?

A) 2 - 3 days
B) 11 - 13 days
C) 22 - 23 days
D) 32 - 33 days
Q.2: Annular lesions with pale center and red periphery over the upper back favors the diagnosis?

A) Tinea corporis
B) Pityriasis Rosea
C) Lichen planus
D) Herpes zoster
Q.3: A 47 year old farmer has itchy erythematous papular lesions on face, neck, ’V’ area of chest, dorsum of hands and forearms for 3 years. The lesions are more severe in summers and improve by 75% in winters. The most appropriate test to diagnose the condition would be:<

A) Skin biopsy
B) Estimation of IgE levels in blood
C) Patch test
D) Intradermal prick test
Q.4: A 25 yr old male having fever & malaise since 2 weeks, arthritis of ankle joint and tender erythematous nodules over the shin. Diagnosis is?

A) Erythema nodosum
B) Hensen's disease
C) Weber-Christian disease
D) Urticarial vasculitis
Q.5: The most common pattern of onychomycosis?

A) Endonyx onychomycosis
B) Superficial white onychomycosis
C) Proximal subungual onychomycosis
D) Distal and lateral subungual onychomycosis
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