Q.1: The most common cause of leg ulcers?

A) Leprosy
B) Diabetes
C) Arterial disease
D) Chronic venous insufficiency
Q.2: A 8 year old boy has multiple itchy erythematous wheals all over the body for 2 days. There is no respiratory difficulty. Which is the best treatment?

A) Anti-helminthic
B) Systemic corticosteroids
C) Antihistamines
D) Adrenaline
Q.3: A 6 year old boy has multiple asymptomatic oval and circular faintly hypopigmented macules with fine scaling on his face. The most probable clinical diagnosis is:

A) Pityriasis versicolor.
B) Indeterminate leprosy.
C) Pityriasis alba.
D) Acrofacial vitiligo.
Q.4: Bacillary angiomatosis is caused by:

A) B. henselae
B) B. pertussis
C) R. Conorii
D) A. actinomycetemcomitans
Q.5: Annular lesions with pale center and red periphery over the upper back favors the diagnosis?

A) Tinea corporis
B) Pityriasis Rosea
C) Lichen planus
D) Herpes zoster
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