Q.1: Pterygium of nail is characteristically seen in:

A) Lichen planus
B) Psoriasis
C) Tinea unguium
D) Alopecia areata
Q.2: Which of the following is not a feature of Elastosis perforans serpiginosa?

A) Hyperplastic epidermis with basophilic nuclear debris
B) More common in males
C) More common in Lower part of body
D) AD mode with variable expression
Q.3: For erythrodermic psoriasis the treatment of choice is:

A) Systemic corticosteroids
B) Coal tar topically
C) Methotrexate
D) Retinoid
Q.4: Fordyce spots are ectopic:

A) Mucosal glands
B) Apocrine glands
C) Eccrine glands
D) Sebaceous glands
Q.5: Negative smear is seen in............... leprosy:

A) Borderline
B) Lepromatous
C) Neuritic type
D) Indeterminate
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