Q.1: Which of the following is not a feature of rosacea:

A) Flushing
B) Rhinophyma
C) Styes and chalazia
D) Genital ulcerations
Q.2: The commonest dermatological symptom of end stage renal disease is :

A) Cutaneous tenderness/pain
B) Pruritus
C) Skin fragility
D) Photoserlsitivity
Q.3: Which antifungal drug is approved for systemic use in children:

A) Itraconazole
B) Terbinafine
C) Fluconazole
D) None of the above
Q.4: Which form of vitiligo is most common :
A) Generalized
B) Acrofacial
C) Segmental
D) Focal
Q.5: A patient presents with recurrent oral & genital ulcers with uveitis and Erythema nodosum, what is the most likely diagnosis

A) Reiter’s syndrome
B) Behcet’s syndrome
C) Sweet’s syndrome
D) Pemphigus
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