Q.1: First symptom of intra-arterial injection of thiopentone?

A) Pain
B) Collapse
C) Thrombosis
D) Pruritus
Q.2: Thiopentone is often used because of which of the following advantage?

A) Smooth induction
B) Rapidly redistributed
C) Easy to administer for induction anesth
D) Easy to mon
Q.3: A 51 year old female with chronic renal failure is posted for surgery. Which of the following would be the best choice for anaesthetic management?<

A) Pancuronium
B) Scoline
C) Vecuronium
D) Atracurium
Q.4: Which one of the following antibacterials should not be used with d-tubocurarine?

A) Norfloxacin
B) Streptomycin
C) Doxycycline
D) Cefotaxime
Q.5: Which of the following is least narcotic?

A) Morphine
B) Codeine
C) Papaverine
D) Noscapine
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