Q.1: Perioperative neuromuscular monitoring can be best tested on:

A) Facial nerve
B) Ulnar nerve
C) Radial nerve
D) Femoral nerve
Q.2: A patient with myasthenia gravis who is managed on oral neostigmine can be expected to have a prolonged response to which of the following agents during anaesthesia?
A) Succinylcholine
B) Atracurium
C) Lignocaine
D) Vecuronium
Q.3: Which of the following nerves are affected after Spinal anesthetic block?

A) Motor and sensory nerve only
B) Sensory and autonomic nerve only
C) Sensory nerves only
D) Sensory, autonomic, and motor nerves
Q.4: Postoperative "Shivering" (Early) is most commonly observed with?

A) Chloroform
B) Halothane
C) Trichloroethylene
D) Ether
Q.5: Which of the following is not a sign of stellate ganglion block?

A) Meiosis
B) Exopthalmos
C) Nasal congestion
D) Conjunctival redness
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