Q.1: Key-hole appearance of glottis is seen on laryngoscopy in:
A) Functional aphonia
B) Bilateral complete paralysis of vocal cords
C) Bilateral partial paralysis of vocal cords
D) Phonasthenia
Q.2: The procedure that should precede microlaryngeal surgery is

A) Pharyngoscopy
B) Esophagoscpy
C) Rhinoscopy
D) Laryngeoendoscopy
Q.3: Commonest causative organism of acute laryngotracheal bronchitis is:

A) Influenza virus
B) Adenovirus
C) Parainfluenza virus
D) Herpes virus
Q.4: Precancerous lesions in the vocal cord is:

A) Singers nodule
B) Leukoplakia
C) Angioma
D) All of the above
Q.5: All of the following are causes of inspiratory stridor except:

A) Macroglossia
B) Adenoid
C) Laryngomalacia
D) Bronchial foreign body
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