Q.1: A 35 year old male presented to hoarseness of voice for last 3 years. He is a smoker for last 20 years. Indirect laryngoscopy showed a pedunculated mass lesion arising from left vocal cord. What is the most probable diagnosis :

A) Vocal Polyp
B) Tuberculosis of larynx
C) Carcinoma larynx
D) Vocal nodule
Q.2: Most common cause of granuloma of vocal cords :

A) Tuberculosis
B) Squamous cell carcinoma
C) Wegener disease
D) Endotracheal intubation
Q.3: Most common cause of vocal cord palsy is :

A) Carcinoma lung
B) Skull base tumour
C) Left atrial hypertrophy
D) Idiopathic
Q.4: A 19 year old female with Aphonia has bilateral abductor paralysis. Most likely cause is:

A) Functional
B) Viral infection
C) Central causes
D) Tumour
Q.5: A patient undergoing radiotherapy for carcinoma larynx. Best tracheostomy tube for him will be:

A) Fuller
B) Jackson
C) Portex
D) None of the above
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