Q.1: A frequent problem of tracheostomy seen especially in infants is:

A) Granuloma formation
B) Vocal cord paralysis
C) Difficult decannulation
D) Tracheotomy fistula
Q.2: Carcinoma larynx with no neck secondaries is treated by :

A) Laryngectomy
B) Laryngectomy and radical neck dissection
C) Radiation
D) Radiation and laryngectomy
Q.3: Commonest symptoms in laryngeal carcinoma :

A) Hoarseness of voice
B) Cough
C) Dyspnea
D) Hemoptysis
Q.4: The most common benign neoplasm of larynx is :

A) Papilloma
B) Hemangioma
C) Fibroma
D) Adenocarcinoma
Q.5: Which of the following is a delayed complication of radiotherapy for head and neck neoplasms :

A) Osteoradionecrosis
B) Papillary carcinoma of thyroid gland
C) Xerostomia
D) All of the above
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