Q.1: In the female, ____ is not a content of inguinal canal

A) Round ligament of the uterus
B) Ilioinguinal nerve
C) Remnant of processusvaginalis
D) Internal pudendal artery
Q.2: Regarding the spermatic cord all the following statements are true except

A) Contains ductus deferens
B) Contains testicular artery
C) Contains pampiniform plexus
D) Surrounded by 4 layers of spermatic fascia
Q.3: Concerning the conjoint tendon (falxinguinalis) all are true except

A) Attached medially to linea alba
B) Formed by fusion of internal oblique and transversusabdominisaponeuroses
C) Attached to the pubic crest and pectineal line
D) It is continuous with the inguinal ligament
Q.4: A hydrocele can be tapped by inserting a needle into the distended tunica vaginalis. In this procedure the following is not pierced

A) Skin
B) Dartos muscle and superficial fascia
C) Tunica albuginea
D) Internal spermatic fascia
Q.5: Posterior wall of rectus sheath below the level of anterior superior iliac spine is formed by

A) Internal oblique
B) External oblique
C) Pyramidalis muscle
D) Fascia transversalis
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