Q.1: Anterior relations of the right kidney include all of the following structures except

A) Bare area of liver
B) Coils of small intestine
C) Right colic (hepatic flexure)
D) Second part of duodenum
Q.2: The porta-systemic anastomoses involve the following important veins except

A) Superficial abdominal and paraumbilical
B) Phrenic veins and veins from bare area of liver
C) Tributaries of the vena azygos and the left gastric vein
D) Lumbar veins and the vein draining the ascending and descending parts of colon
Q.3: Which one of the following lumbar spinal nerves contributes to sacral plexus

A) Lumbar 3
B) Lumbar 5
C) Lumbar 1
D) Lumbar 2
Q.4: Which of the following structures is not contained in the lesser omentum

A) Lymph nodes
B) Hepatic artery
C) Portal vein
D) Inferior vena cava
Q.5: Which of the following statements is/are true?

A. The rectus abdominis muscle lies anterior to the pyramidalismuscle
B. The rectus abdominis muscle is attached to the eighth, ninth and tenth costal cartil

A) (A) alone is correct
B) (B) alone is correct
C) If both (A) and (B) are correct
D) If neither (A) nor (B) are correct
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