Q.1: Regarding sesamoid bones, all the following statements are true except

A) They develop within a tendon
B) They stabilize a joint
C) They help to change the direction of pull of the tendon
D) They help to reduce friction on the tendon
Q.2: In the movement of extending the knee joint, the quadriceps femoris muscle acts as a

A) Synergist
B) Fixator
C) Antagonist
D) Prime mover
Q.3: Which of the following arrangement of muscle fibres in skeletal muscle would be capable of exerting the greatest power?

A) Fusiform
B) Strap or ribbon muscle
C) Multipennate
D) Bipennate
Q.4: The major and the most significant factor controlling joint stability, in most cases, is

A) Fibrous capsule
B) Articular surfaces
C) Muscle tone of surrounding muscles
D) Ligaments
Q.5: Circumduction is a movement that involves

A) ‘Ball and socket’ joints only
B) Abduction/adduction and flexion/extension
C) Flexion/extension and medial/lateral rotation
D) Abduction/adduction and medial/lateral/rotation
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